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Tussey Mussey instructions ~Fancy Pants Splendid Kit~

Tussey Mussey's were filled with flowers in Victorian times...when you came upon an unpleasant smell (the neighbor? unruly horses?) you could place your nose in your Tussey Mussey and have a pleasant scent instead. Since most of the time we don't have too many smells to avoid...I filled mine with Valentine candy! This paper line from Fancy Pants is so versatile! At first, I just loved the bright, fun, more traditional colors. Then as you explore the papers, your realize there are these beautiful, vintage papers too. I loved the thought of grey and pink together for Valentines Day, and my Valentines will wake up to this on the door! I took a few pictures of how to form the cone shape, since I found it a little tricky! First, take a 12 x 12 piece of paper that you love both sides, one will be the outside, while the other will show the inside. Cut it diagonally. With the point up, roll the paper back onto itself (see the pic!). I used glue dots to attach it originally, wrap the rest of the paper around and attach at the back. Decorate to your hearts content!

All of the items used for this project can be found in this month's Splendid Deluxe Kit.

Posted by Catherine


JoAnna Goodman said...

I love this! It turned out great!

Mireille said...

totally cute!!! Saw your post at the pub and just had to check your blog.. looking very good!

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