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Voice Recorder Christmas Card

Here's how you make someones Christmas a little extra special: Make a cute little Christmas card, attach a voice recorder, record a special message and mail to the lucky recipient. I guarontee (that's guarantee with a southern accent!) you'll make someone smile! I think I'm going to let my kids record a special song and send it to their great grandmother! I was thinking how special this might be for someone far, far away....

These are so easy to use, you just press the little red record button with a pen and start singing! You push the big button to play the message. I designed my card so most of the recorder is hidden and added a (kind hard to see) red "button" to push, with "instructions" on the little tag. "Push the button". (Get it? They actually get to push a real button!) Whaa laaa....instant tears in their eyes! Your job is done, you've created a special gift they won't soon forget.
I think I'm going to use another one and capture my son singing his favorite Thomas song, so I can play that little voice anytime I want. OK, now I'm going to get emotional. Or, maybe Jingle Bells on a Christmas page! Or how about a birthday card with a little voice singing "Happy Birthday"? Or telling someone how much they mean to you. Or....

Posted by Catherine


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