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I love Primas!!

Oh, have you seen the Prima's Tammy has been getting into the Boutique???? Are they not amazing?  I just couldn't resist making some into hair clips for my daughter :0)

These Prima's come with only 2 leaves, and I needed another large one to cover the end of the clip.  The leaf I had was the wrong color, so out came my handy-dandy Copic's!  (I've now heard of people using their copics to fix bleach spots on their clothes...since they are permanent.  AND I've heard about people fixing furniture scratches too! )  I scribbled to the side so I could see the color, then simply started layering color onto the leaf :0)

When it was dry (only takes a second with Copics), I glued everything on to a clip!

My daughter LOVES them, and they are soooooo cute!  Do you think an almost 40 year old Mommy could wear one??


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